Regency Centers

A powerhouse site built to simplify retail leasing and dealmaking.

UX Problem

An inefficient site wasn’t serving the essential goal of facilitating deals.

How We Helped

We created a best-in-class strategic tool that drives core business needs.

Property search page on the Regency Centers site showing an interactive map with filters for location, availability, and size.

Properties. The center of all dealmaking—and site interaction.

User Research with agents, investors, and retailers drove requirements.


User-Led Personas, Direct Observation, Collaborative Prototyping, Competitor Critique, Interviews, Survey, Card Sorting

Handwritten user survey showing top 5 tasks when visiting the website: search, compare data, find rent details, locate agent, send brochure.
User-created persona showing name, role, age, and key details, along with what the user wants, why, and what gets in the way.
Handwritten user research gauging property page priorities for brokers, retail representatives, prospective retailers, real estate managers, development investors, and analysts.

Users lead the way. We spend significant time with users and prioritize all features based on their real-world tasks.

A user-based persona named John Miller, a Retail Representative of a major coffee chain.

User-Led Personas. Real users create personas, eliminating the guesswork.

A journey map from the Regency UX Roadmap that shows John Miller’s emotions when handling the current digital product.

Journey Map. Workflow needs and key pain points fuel interactions.

Truematter has the unique capability to read our minds and convince us of what we should already know about our stakeholders and users.

— Chief Information Officer, Regency Centers

Business Goals are advanced by specific, user-informed objectives.


Digital Product Review, Interviews (Stakeholders, Leadership, Subject Matter Experts, Call Center), Competitive Analysis, Analytics Investigation

A page from a user experience roadmap showing a table of suggestions under the heading Make properties the MAIN EVENT.

Actionable, Measurable, Predictable

Goals and Objectives tie strategy to trackable results.

The Way Forward

Regency’s highly connected centers, filled with hand-selected, best-in-class merchants in energetic communities, drive business deals.

Make retailers and dealmakers think they’d be crazy to not be a part of this.

Deceptively Simple

The backdrop for the entire strategy, this one statement holds the project accountable and sees it through to fruition.

Definition and Design ensures stress-testing from the ground up.

Rough property detail page sketch created on a whiteboard to figure out the placement of major content blocks like property name, contact details, demographics, and site plan.
Sketch. Fast and flexible to outline the essentials.
Low fidelity wireframe for property detail page defining content, layout, and functional requirements.
Wireframe. Solidify interactions, define requirements, and test with users.
Polished, high fidelity design for the property detail page defining typography, brand colors, and real assets.
Design. The pivotal property screen brought to life through iterative testing.

The Final Product is an essential strategic tool for Regency.

Detail view of property page showing the Village at La Floresta.

In Development. We highlight up-and-coming properties by focusing on the top-class community spaces.

Property card with at-a-glance details for Brooklyn Station on Riverside.
Property card with at-a-glance details for Preston Oaks.
Property card with at-a-glance details for Carytown Exchange.
Property card with at-a-glance details for Westlake Plaza and Center.

Search at a Glance. Highly scannable cards makes it easy to navigate properties and conduct research.

Property detail page for Belmont Chase, optimized for tablet view.
Contact detail page for a senior leasing agent, optimized for tablet view.

Interconnected and Convenient. Dealmakers seamlessly move between properties and direct contacts.

Property map showing the street and surrounding locations. To the right, a table of information provides spaces available, tenant, and square footage. Below, a section showing what spaces are available ending with a link to contact the leasing agent.

Easy to Digest. Accurate, real-time, scannable data empowers quick decision-making.

Results reinforce Regency’s industry leadership.

Revitalized Deal Making

First (of many) site-originated deals made in the first week after launch.

Deeper Property Engagement

More time spent where it matters: researching vital property details.

Radical Efficiency

Streamlined maintenance reduced costs and freed resources for more valuable work.

Stronger Usability for Everyone

Regency is now on a continuous path of WCAG accessibility, leading the industry.

  • + 60% Site-Driven Deal Leads
  • + 45% Agent Connections
  • + 21% Organic Search
  • + 27% Time Spent on Site
  • + 45% Traffic
  • + 60% Property Brochure Downloads
  • - 15% Reduced Bounce Rate
  • - 50% Maintenance Effort
Your best work is the product of Discovery. That’s the hardest part, and you guys do it better than anyone.

— VP Marketing + Communications, Regency Centers

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