Lexington Medical Center

UX strategy that helps real humans with urgent tasks.

UX Problem

A wide array of digital properties, all with different use cases that must look, feel, and act the same.

How We Helped

We implemented a unifying strategy for all new and existing digital properties, from build to launch and beyond.

Lexmed.com homepage showing the logo and horizontal navigation links above a hero image of a doctor and icons for search and call, then a row of quick links, and a large, full-width statement: The only independent healthcare network in the South Carolina Midlands.

User Research with real people drives strategy.


User-Led Personas, Direct Observation, Competitor Critique, Interviews, Discussions, Survey, Card Sorting.

Completed user survey for doctor office websites, asking how often you use a doctor's website to complete specific tasks on a Likert scale. Several columns have been checked off with black pen.
User survey for what you expect to see or do within a hospital's heart & vascular section. Four columns identify four different page names, and a user has filled out expectations for each.
Whiteboard sketch of dashboard requirements, with a note saying 85% of employees NEED the dashboard above two bulleted lists, the first for Must-Haves and the second for Expect Wins.

Users uncover the truth. Insights from real users with real-world needs inform UX decisions for the hospital’s digital properties.

User-based persona for Mary Mills, ICU nurse, with stock photo and demographics at the top of the page. Below, four columns outline the tasks, needs, thoughts, and pain points for users like Mary.

Many users, one consistent experience. We create unified experiences that serve individuals well while aligning with the wider strategy.

Baseline user test report for bill pay. The task (Find Bill Pay and Determine Options) is provided at top, with results outlined below in three columns that cover what happened and illustrate overall stats & success/fail rates.

Real people, real flavor. The voice of the user is paramount—we include it in everything from research documentation to UX strategy decisions.

We couldn’t imagine a better partner than truematter. They go above and beyond.

VP of Marketing & Communications, Lexington Medical Center

Business Goals are specific to each effort and aligned with the wider strategy.


Digital Product Review, Interviews (Stakeholders, Leadership, Subject Matter Experts), Competitive Analysis, Analytics Investigation

A page from a user experience roadmap showing a table of suggestions under the heading Make properties the MAIN EVENT.

Bird’s Eye View

Goals address specific project needs with eye toward supporting system-wide strategy and success.

The Way Forward

People rely on Lexington Medical Center’s many digital properties in some of the most emotional, intense moments of their lives.

All interactions must follow a unified, standardized UX strategy for guiding users helpfully and compassionately.

Comprehensive UX Focus

This creative challenge statement situates each digital property under a united UX strategy.

Definition and Design ensure careful scrutiny from start to finish for each project.

Quick whiteboard sketch for the Lexie intranet homepage, laying out the major blocks: horizontal navigation, quick link icons, large featured post, an area for most used items, mega search, find, news, and calendar.

Sketch. A final product (Lexie Intranet) begins with UX strategy from square one.

Wireframe of the Lexie intranet homepage, defining the major content blocks with links, interactions, real words, and image placeholders along with functional requirements outlined in notes.

Wireframe. Defines how UX strategy will be applied to the intranet and confirms with users that it works.

Polished, high-fidelity design of the Lexie intranet homepage, with branding elements, hi-res photography, and final content in place.

Design. Makes all UX efforts real in terms of presentation and visual adherence to strategy.

The Continuing Strategy follows clear UX standards for consistent and reliable behavior.

Lexmed.com Find a Doctor page, showing tab options for finding a doctor (active) or doctors' offices, and 5 simple search options. Below, the top of the search results show a doctor photo, name, address, and number.

User-Driven Search. Complex interactions are streamlined to help users find what they need fast.

Mobile navigation on lexmed.com, with a search bar, a vertical list of links, grouped by hierarchy, and a contact number link to call.
Mobile Locations & Directions page on lexmed.com, showing a hero image of the front desk area and page title above a link to the first location, the LMC Main Campus, along with an exterior photo and address.
Mobile page for the Main Campus on lexmed.com, show a banner linking back to Locations & Directions. The hero image shows an exterior shot of the campus, above a google map embed, address, phone number, and link to an interactive map.
Mobile Medical Services landing page on lexmed.com. The hero image features a smiling doctor with his arms crossed above a featured services section, highlighting Women's Services and Cancer Center with photos that center real patients.

Intuitive Mobile Views. Natural stepping stones from top-level navigation to detailed information screens.

Tablet view of the Carolina Women's Physicians practice site. The horizontal navigation, icons, and brand colors echo details from lexmed.com.
Billing page on the Carolina Women's Physicians practice site, with three columns outlining the main actions: Pay online, by mail, or by phone, with help links to read your bill and a list of accepted insurance.

Strong Patterns & Standards. For an integrated experience, even across multiple sites with unique identities.

Two excerpts from lexmed.com. The first shows a full-width banner for Supportive Care, showing a patient getting help from a  nurse navigator. The second shows the Patients & Visitors section menu with a cute illustrated bear for sending well wishes.

The Little Things

Human attention and compassion, right down to the smallest pieces and parts.

Three excerpts from lexmed.com showing callouts that center the stories of real patients and employees with direct quotes and high-quality photography.

Supporting Life’s Stories

Every detail draws visitors into the real moments that establish trust.

Women's Services landing page on lexmed.com, showing a hero video of a doctor performing a sonogram and strong horizontal navigation above quick links for Appointments, The Birth Center, and Support.

A Culture of Care

Thoughtful interactions centered on patients' tasks reflect the high standard of care at LMC.

Lexie intranet Workplace page, showing a logo and horizontal navigation above two columns of three rows of quick links, next to a featured blog post.

An Essential Internal Hub. Top tasks close at hand for team members performing critical, time-sensitive actions.

Results prove the value of continuously implementing a cohesive UX strategy.

Efficiency for Key Personnel

Automation and user-friendly admin allow time for more high-value projects.

Resonance with Real People

Top to bottom, LMC’s digital properties connect compassion and usabililty.

Strategic Business Wins

A UX-first approach feeds momentum and value for digital properties long-term.

Leading the Industry

UX strategy online supports the hospital network’s reputation as a people-focused leader.

  • + 1.3M + 1,320,842 Unique Site Visitors Served
  • + 82 Individual Practice Sites Created
  • + 67% Increase in Medical Services Page Views
  • + 7,000 Employees Served by the Redesigned Intranet
  • Best Overall Internet Site eLeadership Awards
  • Gold Hospital Site Redesign W3 Awards
  • Silver Website Award Digital Health Awards
  • Gold Website Award Web Health Awards
Truematter creates meaningful and relevant experiences. From research to results, they not only understand user experience, they also understand client experience.

VP of Marketing & Communications, Lexington Medical Center

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