Feedback From Customers, Users, and Competitors Can Lead Your Dev Team Astray

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Written By Dean Schuster
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Summary: External players (customers, users, and competitors) can be an important source of feedback for digital product teams. But not all feedback is beneficial for user experience.

Written By Dean Schuster

Headshot of Dean Schuster

Founder and Owner of truematter

Dean Schuster has been creating human-centered digital products since the beginning of the commercial web. He speaks and teaches user experience all over the world.

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Frustrating screen experiences are everywhere. You deal with them, we deal with them, our older relatives deal with them, and they make us all want to take a hammer to whatever device we’re using.

Truematter exists to make all of our lives easier any time we have to deal with a website, app, or piece of software. Our team is always thinking about how to improve user experience to help create digital products that are usable, useful, and loved.

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